Industry Finance only to Second hand dealers and Pawnbrokers

The Economic climate in South Africa since 2008 has seen a dramatic decline in consumer’s disposable income and the requirement for an institution that can not only bridge financial gaps but also provide a platform to purchase any item of value and provide instant cash to consumers in need.

The ability to provide a consumer with instant cash has provided the springboard for second hand dealers and value goods buyers to thrive in an ailing economy where banks only lend on a very stringent criteria.

The reality is with limited disposable income, second hand dealers also provide a platform for consumers to purchase goods for a fraction of the normal market price. A savings on any item will ease the burden on strained pockets.

But what about these value goods buyers? Where do they get finance to help their cash dependant consumers? Enter Roy Peretz, the man with a plan and the star of the hit reality series Pawn Stars SA. Roy saw a gap in the market and as the pioneer of the industry decided to help other second hand dealers and value goods buyers with their cashflow. Not only does Roy purchase Gold, Diamonds, Cars, watches and any item of value from other dealers, he also gives them a deal they cannot refuse.

When Roy was asked about his latest venture he humbly replied “Second hand dealers and value goods buyers need to stick together to ensure we build the industry along lines of professionalism and customer service. We already do what banks cannot do and that is to help people in desperate times – we need to also help each other to ensure we can continue to provide this service to all our clients”

Bring us your item of value for best prices paid. Contact Roy on 0113257777 now!