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We Buy Gold

Turn your jewellery into CASH!

Sell gold for cash at Cash Inn, we buy scrap gold, unwanted gold, old gold, palladium, rhodium, krugerrands, gold sovereigns, gold, in fact any gold, any weight, any carat!

Ready to turn carats into money?

Contact us now! we buy gold for cash, we buy jewelry, we buy Diamonds and we are presenting a great option for tough times… turn those carats in to cash!

We Buy Luxury Watches

Sell us your luxury watch for the highest price paid to you in cash! Come see Roy for a great deal on your timepiece. If you are bored of your luxury watch simply some see Roy to exchange it for another luxury watch from our extensive range.

We Buy Luxury Jewellery

We buy all Luxury Jewellery - sell us your engagement ring, sell us your necklace or earrings. Divorce your jewellery with Cashinn and let us pay you the highest price in cash for all your luxury Jewellery. Looking for a new piece of luxury Jewellery? Come see Roy and exchange your Jewellery with a piece from our extensive collection. 

We Buy Diamonds

Cashinn specializes in all types of Diamonds. Sell us your Diamond ring, diamond necklace or Diamond earrings for the a price you will be happy with, same day in Cash!

We Buy Cars

Need quick cash? Sell us your car! Cashinn will give you the best deal so come see Roy today for the highest price paid on your vehicle