Eytan Nadler "The Gentle Giant"


Eytan “The Gentle Giant” Nadler admits that he came to South Africa for a more romantic purpose than work. He is a cricket fanatic and a loyal supporter of The Proteas and The Highveld Lions.

With a playful nature, Eytan is truly respected by the rest of the team and although he is the eldest, he is a pop-culture connoisseur, is science fiction mad and a strong believer in aliens! From stamps to comic books, Eytan knows it all. Eytan is armed with an unerring eye for appraising all sorts of items!

An honest gentleman in his negotiating techniques, he easily brings customers round to his way of thinking.Eytan has over the years developed an exceptional knowledge base of all items of value. Eytan is your go-to-man in buying or selling anything of value when it comes to CashInn.