Roy's Blog

Week 3

After my recent holiday in Israel I returned to Johannesburg to find the place buzzing. Not only was their tons of political intrigue around, but I learnt that both my TV show 'Pawn Stars SA' (History channel DSTV 186 on Tuesday @ 8:30 pm) and my radio show on ChaiFM (101.9FM) 'Pawn Stars Unplugged' at 6pm on Wednesday have been attracting bigger audiences.

Rare coins, some works of art, which my good friend Deon Maas helped assess, and a visit to a private brewery that a man wanted to sell to us for an astronomical sum helped liven up the Pawn Stars SA segment.

On radio we kept up a lively debate on special occasions in the Jewish calendar; the Holocaust Day of Remembrance, Israel's Day of Independence and the Day dedicated to Israel's many fallen soldiers who gave up their lives that the State of Israel may survive. Eytan spoke about the heroic contribution mad e by partisans in World War II and Peter (who is our movie man) discussed the various films made with a Holocaust theme, the best remembered being" Schindler's List" and 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" and the various version of 'The Diary of Anne Frank.''

Helping us out on the air at times and adding some extra news to the show is Sasha Star, a regular ChaiFM news reader, and someone who has a hot line to the stars.

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