About Us - Who we are

In an industry often perceived as “shady” and “unscrupulous,” Cash Inn stands like a beacon of light.  People who need ready cash in these tough times visit Roy Peretz and his team at Cash Inn , because not only have they introduced a whole new spin on the business, but since the company’s inception in 2009, they have achieved an unparalleled reputation for honesty and fair dealings. Cashinn’s knowledgeable and hard-working staff members are there to serve, whether buying gold or selling gold, buying diamonds for cash or selling diamonds for cash, buying jewellery or selling jewellery for cash, buying cars or selling cars, or by offering cash for goods at the highest prices. The diverse nature of their business allows them to buy and sell luxury watches, buy jewellery and sell jewellery, buy and sell diamonds, buy gold and sell gold and, to top it all, buy and sell rare diamonds. Their creed is to make people happy. They say: bring us any gold or luxury item of value and we’ll ensure you walk out feeling satisfied with cash in your hand. Roy Peretz, with partners Eytan Nadler and Liel Rimon, and assistants Irene Bower and Solly Mabasa, have had clients for more than 20 years – and they keep coming back.

This is a true testimony to the integrity and quality of their business.

Our Company

Cash inn was started in 2009 by Roy Peretz, South Africa’s leading buyers an sellers of luxury items. Long respected as a company powered by staff who are hard-working and committed to satisfy all the needs of all its clients. Cash inn felt there was a critical need for "a type of bank for people who don't have a bank account." There are millions of people who have neither bank accounts nor credit cards who need access to quick cash. In an industry not always associated with integrity, Cash inn achieved an unparalleled reputation for honesty and fair dealings. Cash inn proudly boasts a high rate of repeat customers they consider real proof of their success. We are ready to serve our customers and we hope our friendly, personal service will bring you back time and time again! Bring us any item of value and we’ll ensure you walk out feeling satisfied with cash in your hand. We love to buy and sell which is why we are the leading traders in all items of value.

Our Policies

Cashinn specialises in buying and selling of all Gold items of value. We are experts in Diamonds, Jewellery and Luxury watches - we buy, sell and trade ensuring the best deals for our customers. We also buy and sell preowned cars. Have something of value you don't need? Come see us and leave with cash in your hand.  


Cash inn offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all items sold such as diamonds for cash. If you are not 100% satisfied with an item you buy from us, return it-with the original sales receipt-within 7 days and we will:

  • Refund the purchase price in full
  • Exchange it for a similar item, if possible
  • Give you a store credit. *Exact exchanges are not always possible due to the constant turnover of our inventory and because many items may be one of a kind.


Because Cash inn deals primarily in used goods, warranties are not always available. When possible, we will offer a limited, manufacturer's, or 30-day warranty.